ON LAYAWAY Iconic I. Miller 1920s Shoes Shoes 1920s / Dance Shoes / Rhinestone Buckle / Ballroom Dance Shoes / Heels / Downton Abbey / Mary Janes a929f4

ON LAYAWAY  Iconic  I. Miller 1920s Shoes Shoes 1920s / Dance Shoes / Rhinestone Buckle  / Ballroom Dance Shoes / Heels / Downton Abbey / Mary Janes a929f4
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ON LAYAWAY Iconic I. Miller 1920s Shoes Shoes 1920s / Dance Shoes / Rhinestone Buckle / Ballroom Dance Shoes / Heels / Downton Abbey / Mary Janes a929f4


Take time to work, it is the price of success.
Take time to meditate, it is the source of power.
Take time to play, it is the secret of perpetual youth.
Take time to read, it is the way to knowledge.
Take time to be friendly, it is the road to happiness.
Take time to laugh, it is the music of the soul.
And take time to love, and be loved.
~old Irish prayer~

‎”Success in life does not altogether depend on ability and training; is also depends on your determination to grasp opportunities that are presented to you.”   ~P. Yogananda~

Many think success means getting everything I want. And we say, that’s what dead is, and there is no such thing as that kind of dead. Success is not being done; not being complete. Success is still dreaming and feeling positive in the unfolding.  — Abraham

Review of Lesson 1: A definite Chief Aim

Lesson One, titled A Definite Chief Aim, urges the reader to discover his or her natural talents, then organize, coordinate and put into use the knowledge gained from experience. According to Hill, the main cause of failure is having no definitive chief aim in life — or failure to set clear and attainable goals — and plans to accomplish these goals. The keynote of this lesson is having a definite objective toward which to strive — never drift aimlessly. Having this definite chief aim will affect the subconscious mind, thus leading toward the attainment of the objective. Hill also emphasizes the importance of writing down your definite chief aim and goals to achieve it in a clear, concise way.

  • The simple nightly routine that will change your life … without any effort on your part.
  • The three steps that are essential to insuring your success.
  • What you are constantly making use of … to your disadvantage.
  • The reasons why you literally attract what you wish for.
  • The four-step formula that will focus you on what’s really important in your life.
  • The one statement that another person MUST tell YOU every day.
  • Why you need to change your friends regularly.
  • The one word that you should remind yourself every single day without fail.
  • The desire that you definitely have … yet is completely the opposite of what you should have.

In this chapter, the author gives us a good history lesson and introduces the definition and perspective of Success, Power, Co-operation, The Mater Mind, Alliances, Imagination, Definite Chief Aim, Purpose, Organized Effort, Law of Attraction, Harmonious Co-Operation, Education, Auto-Suggestion, Courage, Knowledge, Persistence, Self-Confidence, Belief.


You can do it if you believe you can!

What is Success?  Success is the development of the power with which to get whatever one wants in life, without interfering with the rights of others, that is founded in truth, justice, and fairness leading to the ultimate happiness.

What is Power?  Power is organized energy or effort, guided with intelligence.  This book is accurately called the Law of Success for the reason that it teaches how one may organize facts and knowledge and the faculties of one’s mind into a unit of power.

Singleness of purpose is essential for success, no matter what may be one’s idea of the definition of success.

When you know yourself thoroughly, then you will also know much about others.

Nothing is more tragic, or more common, than mental inertia.  For every ten men who are physically lazy, there are ten thousand with stagnant minds.  And stagnant minds are breeding places for fear.

Keep your mind refreshed, with more courage and greater enthusiasm, every day!  You will all come out of this course with a new stock of ideas, which will make you more efficient, more enthusiastic and more courageous, no matter what sort of work you may be engaged.

Everyone needs a change of mental environment at regular periods.

Imagination, lively intelligence, close observation, and instinctive comprehension are all characteristics of success.

Having a definite chief aim is essential for success. In Hill’s research of 16,000 individuals, 95% who were classed as failures were in that class because they had no definite chief aim in life.  The 5% constituting the successful ones not only had purposes that were definite, but they had also definite plans for the attainment of their purposes, and they were engaged in the work that they LIKED BEST!

The habit of saving money is amongst the qualities of the super successful as well.

One of the chief objectives of this course is to aid the student in performing his/her best in the chosen work that will yield the greatest return in both money AND happiness.

**Your definite chief aim in life should be selected with deliberate care; and after it has been selected, it should be written out, with the determination to realize it, and placed where you will see it at least once a day to create the psychological effect of  impressing this purpose upon your subconscious mind so strongly that it accepts that purpose as a pattern or blueprint that will eventually dominate your activities in life and lead you , step by step, toward the attainment of the object, backed with purpose.  Be sure your definite purpose is constructive, that it will bring you peace and prosperity.**


Inspiring Videos:

Napoleon Hill:


*What is your “Definite Chief Aim?”

*What makes your heart sing and that you love so much, to the depths of your being, that you’d want to do it all day, every day for the rest of your life as a career?  Know that what you choose as your definite chief aim should be something you love this much!

*What are your greatest dreams and desires?  Imagine that everything and anything is possible, with unlimited resources, and you are guaranteed to succeed, what would you do?

Levels II & III: Read Lesson 2 in The Law of Success Book for next week.  Note these are big chapters so pace yourself and make a commitment to read every day.  Take notes as you go along, and STICK WITH IT!

Self-Analysis Test: Review the Analysis Chart given on page 52.  List your answers to all 15 categories and grade yourself at the beginning and after completing of the Law of Success course.  Be extremely honest and accurate (but not hard on yourself)!  Notice in which areas do you excel and which areas need greater improvement.

Level III: Listen to Disc 1 of  “Your Wish is Your Command.”


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The subconscious mind is like a magnet.  It attracts to itself things that are similar in nature to the energy of each thought it is transmitting.

If success depends on power, and if power is organized effort, and if the first step in the organization is a definite purpose, then one may easily see why such a purpose is essential.

Out of allied effort comes great power.

Concentration of effort, making prompt decisions, and  the habit of working with a definite chief aim are essential factors in success which are always found together.

Millions of people are concentrating, daily, on poverty and failure, and getting both in over-abundance.  Keep your focus clearly on what it is you want!

There is some one thing that you can do better than anyone else in the world can do.

Desire is the factor that determines what your definite purpose in life shall be.

One’s definite chief aim in life should be backed up with a burning desire for its achievement.

Success is built upon loyalty, faith, co-operation, and other positive forces with which one must surcharge his environment.



Picked these beauties up over the weekend. Such a Rare and Fabulous find. Ohhhh if they only fit me they would be on my feet Right Now! Near mint condition and manufactured by the Iconic Israel Miller. Museum Worthy!

"Israel Miller was the son of a Polish (some sources say Prussian) shoemaker who immigrated to the USA in the 1890s. He obtained work as a cobbler with John Azzimonti, an Italian immigrant who was making shoes for the theater. According to an issue of the Boot and Shoe Recorder, actress Sarah Bernhardt once ordered 244 pairs of boots at one time. When Azzimonti closed the shoe making business in 1909, his customers put in orders for up to thirty pairs"

-Read more at The Vintage Traveler

Measurements :: Overall Length: Aprox. 9 1/2" / Across the widest part of the ball of the foot: Aprox. 3"/ Heel: Just under 3"

Maker :: I. Miller Deluxe Shoes / Makoff's Salt Lake City Utah

Condition :: Excellent. Very little wear. Written in Blue Ink Pin on the inside heel 6 AA / 100 / 812029

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This week’s guided meditation is designed to help you dream big, clearing and aligning the body temple for the creative juices and imagination to flow freely.  Focus on allowing all your dreams to come flowing to you and through you as a clear conduit and a channel for Heaven and Earth to be married in the center of your precious Heart.

Dreaming It Alive

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